Team Casualty Response Bag

A medical kit for responding to multiple injuries/casualties.

Team Casualty Response Bag Details


The Team Casualty Response Bag from Last Stand has is a selection of medical supplies curated by an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran for first line response by trained medical personnel for gun shot wounds, serious burns, collapsed lung, limb and abdominal injuries. This kit contains supplies to treat:

1x hypovolemic shock

2x limb fractures

1x serious burn victim

2x gun shot wounds to chest with needle chest decompression

2x artificial airways

2x abdominal penetrations

2x limb injuries

1x amputation or arterial bleeding


The kit also containing shears, 4x face masks, 5 pr. latex-free nitrile gloves and a hands-free lamp to allow the user to work in any situation safely.

The kit is contained in an olive drab Cordura bag for heavy wear. Four outer compartments keep supplies neatly sorted by injury category, while the larger central pouch is water resistant both to protect your supplies until needed or for storage of contaminated supplies until disposal is possible.