Rand Rip & Drip

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Rand Rip & Drip Details

Rand Brand CLP is one of the most respected names in firearm cleaning, lubrication, and protection. RAND CLP is the best eco-friendly All-In-One: Cleaner, Lubricant and Protectant. RAND CLP enhances firearm performance and reliability using a rare vegetable oil base and a proprietary blend of nanoparticles to create a uniquely smooth and durable surface. RAND CLP is non-toxic, odorless, safe on all metals, polymers and woods and provides faster and easier cleaning after the initial pretreatment. 

The state of the art nanotechnology we use allows our nano-particles to work their way into the metal in your firearm and form a protective shield against rust, carbon and dirt. The vegetable oil acts as a scavenger, "lifting" the carbon/fouling from the metal, allowing it to be wiped away easily during cleaning.

Specifications and Features:
RAND CLP helps with:
Carbon build-up/fouling removal
Rust prevention
Water displacement 
Dirt, lint, dust - does not attach to the metal 
More functional, accurate, durable firearm
Smoother slide, action and trigger pull