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Mountain Hardwear Phenom Backpack - Internal Frame

Sold out everywhere .... but we still have ONE left !

Pelica 1630 Transport Case

Used but not abused Int. Dimensions: 27.70" x 20.98" x 15.50"

Pelican Transport Case 1660

Used but not abused Int. Dimensions: 28.20" x 19.66" x 17.63"

Large Wheeled Load- Out Bag w/ Padding- Multi-Cam

"Used" but EXCELLENT condition.

Daniel Defense Gray Mesh Hat

looks cool, feels more cool.

DD 10/30 Magazine

Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Caliber 5.56MM NATO, .223 REM, 300 BLK Compatibility M4, M16, AR-15

Armscor - .22 LR HV/HP

Armscor, Ammo, 22LR, 36Gr, Hollow Point, Hi-Velocity, 500 Round Brick

Winchester Double X 3" HV 20GA

1200 FPS Velocity

Blackhawk Shemagh

Currently in use with U.S. and coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan
From $20.45

KA-BAR Playing Cards

Do you know any card tricks ?

Pepper Gel Night Defender Pepper Spray

18Ft range w/ LED light

UST Para 550 30ft- Blk

It's like duct tape for Grunts.

UST Watertight First Aid Kit 2.0

Quick and easy.

UST Lensatic Compass

Not golden but still good.

UST Deluxe Map Compass

If you have one of these don't give it to the LT.

CZ 75B 9MM 4.6" BLK 10RD

CZ-USA Full Size Line
Price in store

Daisy Slingshot Replacement Band

Gonna need it someday

Daisy 3/8" Steel Slingshot Ammo

Knocks over soda cans and rodents just fine.

Daisy P51 Slingshot

Fun in the backyard

MTM 4-Can Ammo Crate 30 Cal- AC4C

Easy to sort and transport.

Mossberg 590 M

Seriously, Serious.
Price in store

Magpul M-LOK Hand Stop Kit- Blk

Magpul Industries, M-LOK Hand Stop Kit, Black


Ca. Compliant.
Price in store

DDM4 V 11

Ca. Compliant
Price in store

Daniel Defense DDM4 V7

Ca. Compliant
Price in store

Wax Wood Stick

The Wax Wood Stick is made to mimic naturally found "fat wood", but without the sticky mess or difficulty packing.

Fat Rope Stick

The Fat Rope Stickā„¢ is cotton-based rope with special additive make it is super easy to light in all weather conditions!

AR Takedown Pin Set

Lifetime Warranty * Made in USA !
From $19.99

Ambidextrous Saftey Selector

Lifetime Warranty * Made in USA !
From $39.99

QD End Plate

Lifetime Warranty * Made in USA !
From $19.99