Mono Vault Storage Container

Bury your guns, ammunition, and valuables in a water tight light weight container!
Manufacturer: Mono Vault

Mono Vault Storage Container Details

Jed Eckert and his Wolverines could've made good use of all the Mono Vaults in their guerilla war against the Godless Soviet and Cuban hordes that had invaded the United States in the 1984 (and BEST) version of 'Red Dawn'. Each Mono Vault is constructed out of one piece of corrosion and waterproof Poly Farm polymer. The one piece molded body of the spin on gamma lid is O-ring sealed and is protected by the enclosing super stout Burial Shield! 

Uses include:

  • gun storage
  • gun burial
  • preparedness supplies
  • emergency caching
  • gun transportation and travel
  • boating
  • burying money, coins
  • hiding documents, valuables
  • ammunition
  • geocaching


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