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ZAP Stun Stick/light 800,000v BLK

8000,000v Rechargeable

CRKT Williams Tactical Pen

Former Army officer and martial arts instructor, James Williams applied his design expertise to the Williams Tactical Pen.

Ergo Stun Gun & Light 2400000 Volt

RESTRICTED STATES:State laws prohibit shipment of stun guns to HI, MA, MI NJ, NY, RI or WI.
From $39.99

Magnum 3- OC Pepper Gel

This is some hot stuff and it has UV marking dye so the attacker can be identified.

Outback Defender PAL

Hold the button down for a few seconds and set off an ear piercing 120db alarm to ward off attackers!
$24.95 $22.95

Pepper Gel Night Defender Pepper Spray

18Ft range w/ LED light

Sabre Pepper Spray

A little primatene might help that.
From $12.99

Spartan Defender Keychain

PS Products, Spartan, Self-Defense Key Chain, Black

Taser C2 Two pack live Cartridges

Are you into fried foods and need extra ammo ?

Taser Pulse

New Compact Design !!