Adventure Medical Dental Medic

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Manufacturer: Adventure Medical

Adventure Medical Dental Medic Details


Adventure Medical Dental Medic Details


The Dental Medic by Adventure Medical Kits has all the dental essentials you may need in case you have an unexpected surprise on your next trip when you're nowhere near a dentist. So next time you prepare your toiletry kit, pack the Dental Medic - just in case...


Dental Medic Ideal Uses
• Backcountry Trips
• Group or Expedition Leaders
• Remote Base Camps
• Traveling
• Trekking

Dental Medic Features:
• Waterproof, durable and resealable bag
• Instruction manual for dealing with common dental ailments
• Orasol
• Dental floss and wax
• Tea bag

Dental Medic Specs
• Weight: 2 oz
• Size: 5" x 4.25" x 1"

Dental Medic Supply List -

• 5 Cotton Pellets
• 5 Cotton Rolls
• 1 Dental Floss
• 1 Dental Medic Instructions
• 1 Tea Bag, 100% Natural Pekoe Tea
• 1 Temporary Cavity Filling Mixture
• 3 Tooth Picks
• 1 Wax Rope

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