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Bitcoin Payments No More

As of today, we can no longer accept Bitcoin payments due to our automated integration with BitPay abruptly coming to an end. Our account was deactivated and closed, without warning, because we sell "firearms or firearm parts". So, they've gone the same route as PayPal in this regard. Which is fine, in a sense, because we at Last Stand do not wish to do business with any entity that does not fully support an individual's right to defend themselves and their loved ones.

As an aside, we also find BitPay's stance to be at odds with Bitcoin's founding principles - to say nothing of our country's founding principles - and strongly suggest you not do business with them either.

We apologize on BitPay's behalf for the incovenience this may cause. We will be working on a payment plugin that integrates directly with the blockchain itself, bypassing these limited-to-no-value entities entirely, as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued support.

Bitcoin Payments

With the completion of our last batch of software upgrades, we now have full BitPay Bitcoin payments integration. What does this mean? You can now checkout on the web (in-store too) and pay with Bitcoins automatically. Just choose BitPay Bitcoin Payments when you check out, and you will be directed to a BitPay invoice page where you can make your Bitcoin payment. No more convoluted instructions, waiting, nor involvement from our staff.

You can still use discount code bitcoin to receive 10% off your Bitcoin order. Thanks for your patience while we implemented this feature, and we hope you enjoy it!

Things are Afoot

We've been pretty busy over here a Last Stand the past few months. Refining processes, training folks, tracking down new suppliers, cleaning up our data, polishing the in-store presentation and, oh yeah, totally refreshing our technology stack. Yes, coming in the next couple weeks there will be some changes. One of which is totally automated bitcoin payments both on the web and in-store, using BitPay. Functional and visual improvements for the web store are on the way too, as well as improved performance and even better security.

We've also got another HUGE project in the works, but I have not been given clearance to spill the beans on that just yet.

Stay tuned for further updates, and thank you for being a Last Stand customer!

Bitcoin is Back!

We have recently contracted out to build an automated Bitcoin payment site-plugin starting in January 2015. Finally. Until then, you can purchase items from our site with Bitcoin by using the following, easy method:

  1. Add items to your cart, just as you normally would.
  2. During checkout, choose "Purchase Order" as the payment method on the "Select payment method" page.
  3. Enter "bitcoin" as the purchase order number.
  4. Confirm your order, you are done!

You will receive an order confirmation email to the email address you provided with your order.

After your order is reviewed, you'll receive an email with a link to a BitPay payment button via the email address you provided with your order. This happens within 24 hours. Typically a lot less.

Once your Bitcoin payment has been confirmed, your order will be marked as "paid" and will enter the fulfillment and shipping process. We'll send you a final email with your tracking number, once the order is shipped.

We are also offering a 10% discount to all Bitcoin orders. Just enter "bitcoin" in the "Discount Code" box on your shopping cart page to receive the discount. This code is only valid on orders using Bitcoin as payment, using the steps above.

Thank you for your business and continued support, from all of us here a Last Stand Readiness & Tactical!

Bitcoin Suspended

We are temporarily suspending Bitcoin payments until a more automated solution is developed. We are still fervent supporters of Bitcoin, but the manual-effort involved in processing these transactions is just not sustainable at this time. We are still working on comissioning a payment-plugin that supports Bitcoin payments in an automated fashion.

We apologize for the inconvenience this decision may cause.


As big fans of the Bitcoin concept since the early days of CPU-only mining, it should come as no surprise that we are working to accept it as a form of payment here at Last Stand in a totally automated fashion. Both online and in-store. Until then, if you would like to make a purchase via Bitcoin, you can place whatever items you want into your cart and and use the "Pay In Store" payment method option to complete your order. Then use the Contact Us form to notify us of your desire to pay with Bitcoin. It's good for every product we sell.

Once we receive your message, we'll email you a payment link to complete your Bitcoin transaction. Payment will be accepted at the current exchange rate with no additional merchant fees and is not binding until you actually send the coins. Bitcoin transactions, once paid, are only refundable for store-credit.

After payment is verified, your order will be marked as "paid" and you will receive an email when it ships, as-usual. You can also track your order via your Orders area when logged in to this site.

We will advertise this capability more prominently once full integration is complete, and reserve the right to revoke this manual processing ability at any time as there is some overhead involved for us that we are working to mitigate.

For those who may not know what Bitcoins are: