Gear Pods Adventure Tarp

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Manufacturer: Gear Pods

Gear Pods Adventure Tarp Details


Keep the elements at bay with the high quality, one-person GearPods® Adventure Tarp. Constructed of ultralight 1.47 oz doublesilicon coated ripstop nylon, this minimalist emergency tarp provides over 29 sq ft of protection (4.5’x6.5’) and its compact packed size and weight (just 5.3 oz) make this it truly pocket- and kit- sized.

The GearPods® Adventure Tarp features nine fabric loops including a reinforced center loop. Use these tie loops with cord rigging to pitch it in any number of different shelter configurations, from a lean-to to a low-profile A-frame shelter.
This tarp represents a fine balance between many factors including use size, packed size and weight, and material performance and durability. With proper care and good rigging techniques, the GearPods® Adventure Tarp will stand up to repeated abuse - not just one-time use in an emergency situation.
  • Super lightweight and compact packed size
  • Durable waterproof fabric
  • Highly visible color (designed to be seen)
  • Nine (9) fabric tie loops, including reinforced center loop
  • Oversized stuff sac with drawcord and fastener